“What Do You See As The Future of Feminism?” “Us.”

These are the things I like to see and I’ll tell you why. The most important thing to take away from this video is the value of education when it comes to feminism. Having women’s studies courses in secondary schools is SO important and needs to be happening a lot more than it is.

I didn’t hear the word feminism used in an academic setting until I was a sophomore in college. There’s something wrong with it. Women’s history and other gender-related courses should not be niche areas of study. This video is just one example of how ignorance can be turned into knowledge and power.

It’s important to start raising a society that has a different understanding of gender and the sexes and teaching about it in school starting at a young age is the way to do it. Because if we do, to quote my friend Jenna Grande, people will start to have higher expectations for their laws. I believe that education leads to attitudinal changes which leads to action and positive law changes. So let’s continue to push for feminist and gender education in secondary schools and not just as an elective!


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