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Feminism: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

Before you squirm and run away after reading the title of this blog, I thought I would provide a friendly reminder of what this term “feminism” actually means. And like your eighth grade literature teacher, let me stress that this is the definition we will be working with for the remainder of the school year. I mean this blog.

I’ve read some critiques of this idea lately saying that feminism is great in definition, but flawed in practice. Now I don’t necessarily believe that to be the case because without feminist practices we wouldn’t have Title IX or the right to vote, but I digress.

This blog will therefore focus on what feminism stands for at its core and a twenty something’s experience with it in the modern day; that twenty something being me. I think it’s important that my demographic, particularly my age, be the foundation of this blog for two reasons. 1) To refute the idea that only old, desperate women are feminists and 2) to connect with people my age in order to educate. Feminism to young adults nowadays is synonymous with Beyonce and even though I live and breathe Queen Bey (no really I’m like president of the Beyhive), there’s a little more to it than that. Calling yourself a feminist because you know all the lyrics to ***Flawless is a wonderful gesture and you most likely do believe in equality of the sexes, but I think it’s important to know the whole story. I mean why not have some facts in your back pocket to support your claim so you can drop some knowledge then walk away all Sasha Fierce-like, leaving them all speechless. Or maybe they’ll have some exciting, educated comments to say back to you and you can have a stimulating conversation! Either way, knowledge is power and as my girl Sophia Bush would say, #SmartIsSexy.

My goal here is not to preach. My goal is that maybe one day people won’t cringe when they hear the word feminism. My goal is to provide examples of sexism in our world and feminism at its best. My goal is to show you how naturalized patriarchy is in our society and how to detect it. My goal is to maybe even get you to do something about that.

So if you’re a feminist skeptic and want to call me crazy and move on, I can’t stop you, but I would appreciate if you didn’t. Because this stuff is important, trust me. And it’s not just important for women. It’s important for the success of all mankind (speaking of mankind, ever notice how sexist our language is? Don’t worry, if you become an active reader of this blog, you will). Because equality is not some intangibale idea that floats around in space that only the innocent and naive dream about. It’s something we as a people have the opportunity to create. So let’s get started.


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